About Us

About Us

"ES-PRO. The Electroplating and Surface Treatment Line Professionals"

ES-PRO Technology Pte Ltd is specialized in Plating, treatment and chemical process equipment. We provide full range of Technical Service, design and manufacturing quality and reliable process equipment.

ES-PRO Technology Pte Ltd was incorporated in March 2007 in Singapore, as a solution provider for Electroplating and surface treatment line professionals .

With the thriving development of electroplating industry in China, we start up a design and manufacturing center at China Guangdong, with combination resources and workforce in Singapore, Malaysia and China, we aim to deliver the best solutions for customer and continuous improvement towards world-class practices to meet ever-increasing customer requirements. Our customer span from Aviation, electronics, automobile and pharmaceutical.

We are market driven, providing innovative design, quality products and excellent service to customer. Emphasis on Integrity, develop long term relationship, build up a marketing services team with “ES-PRO” characteristics.


Our Mission

“Provide prompt, efficient and effective service and quality products to all of our customers through continuous achievement of operational excellence.”


Our Vision

“We will continuously strive to set new and higher standards in Design, Quality, Cost Competitiveness, Technology, and Customer Service.”

Our Advantages

Fully Customized Design with Plant & Equipment Simulation

ES-PRO emphasize on interaction with customer to provide one stop solution that manage customer complete project, from concept, design to manufacturing. Our experience engineering teams gather necessary parameters and data, with precious calculation and use of 3D simulation software to visualize the desired equipment design and specifications. Make use of intelligent mechanization device and software analysis to improve on safety and efficiency of equipment. Our capability and strength in design ensure the value of investment on equipment.

Waste Minimisation and Safety

We take initiative in energy saving, reduce emission and cleaner production. By implement of reverse osmosis and resin exchange method to plating rinse water, water conservation can achieve up to 90%.

Our scrubber is made of PPS or FRP material for fire resistance, emission of plating waste fume, spray mist treatment meet national environmental requirement.

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